Tuesday, March 29, 2016
CoinFest 2016, April 5-10

A decentralised gathering for decentralised currency

From April 5th to April 10th 2016 you are invited to come and join the CoinFest 2016 gathering on Mont-Soleil, Switzerland. You are also able to participate online, if you can’t join us at the Décentrale on Mont-Soleil. CoinFest will also take place in many other locations around the world. Check out the coinfest.org website for details on all these events.

WHEN : April 5-10, 2016

April 5, 18:00 CEST:
Bitcoin and the Blockchain - Introducing ourselves to the world of crypto currency.

April 6, 18:00 CEST:
We will join the following international hangout:
Andreas M. Antonopoulos at 18:00 CEST
and follow it up with the topic:
Distributed Autonomous Organisations - Entering the Matrix of the Softbots?

April 7, 18:00 CEST:
Bitcoin and Anarcho Capitalism - The good, the bad and the ugly.

April 8, 18:00 CEST:
The rise of the decentralised, distributed network platform.
Afterwards, we will join these international hangouts:
Chelsea Barabas (MIT Media lab) at 19:30 CEST
Paul Snow (Factom) at 21:00 CEST
Susanne Tempelhof (BitNation) at 21:45 CEST
Enric Duran (FairCoop and Catalan Integral Cooperative) at 22:30 CEST

April 9, 14:00 CEST:
Faircoin and FairCoop, the earth cooperative for fair economy and its evolving ecosystem.
This will include the following additional extended online session:
Enric Duran (FairCoop and Catalan Integral Cooperative) at 16:00 CEST

April 10, 14:00 CEST:
Our local and global contributions to the emergence of this Social Permaculture Crypto-sphere.

We scheduled the following online gift circles. This is a perfect opportunity to come together and share our needs and offerings, enabling collaborations that will benefit all of our projects and activities.

Online Gift Circles:
On the April 10th at 16.00 CEST
On the April 10th at 18:00 CEST
See the following link to find out more about gift circles:

This event is free.
For drinks and food you can make a contribution in Bonobo (our local alternative paper currency), in Faircoin or in Bitcoin.

Come and join us!

Use the sign up form on the top right of this page and the following links should help you to find your way here.

Participate online

You will also have the opportunity to join us via a video conferencing stream if you cannot join us physically at the Decentrale. This virtual gathering place will be open for adhoc discussions and live streaming of what is taking place at the Decentrale from the 5th to the 10th of April. You are also able to join some preparation sessions during the next few days leading up to the event. Just get in touch with us and we get you connected.

To get the information on how to connect to the gathering’s stream and these gift circle calls, please submit the sign up form on the top right of this page. If you have any questions, please get in touch via email to gatherings@st-imier.org or call us on +41 329 41 41 41.

Stay involved

Going forward, the Decentrale will stay available as a resource hub and co-working space where we can collaborate and organise to move our projects forward. So, in a deep sense, this gathering, like all our gatherings, will never really end.


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